Hey, I know you're surprised and maybe I did lie to the receptionist just a little, 'cause no, there's no reason at all you would want to see someone like me, but the thing is, I had to meet you, just had to, you don't know how important you've been in my life, and yeah I know lots of people say that, but you've got to understand, me, I'm the real deal. I know we're kindred souls, if you just took a minute, I know I could make you see that.
Or not...
Well, OK, that's fine, I mean, I understand, you get a lot of kooks in here, so sure, I guess you had to call Security, but at least, you know, I got to meet you, just like I always wanted.
Just one more thing, you wouldn't mind would you, before they get here, if I took a picture? Just the two of us? For real? Great!.

Copyright 2015 James B. Chevallier

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