Text Two To Tango

I'm walking down the sidewalk, texting my friend, slamming him some really sick stuff. I was completely into it. I forgot to look where I was going. BAM! I walk right into this guy. Or, more like my phone runs into his phone. Because he was texting too. So it was like our phones were bumpers and the bumpers hit. And we both go, pretty much at the same time, “Jesus, why don't you watch where you're going?' but we both keep your eyes down, to finish what we're texting, you know? And I text my friend, “This complete 'tard just bumped into me” and he texts me back, “Hey! Me too!” and then we both look up, and what do you know, it's my friend, I walked right into him! And we start to laugh, but then I look back down at my phone and I tap out, “How about that, huh?” and he types back, “Totally! No way, man!” and we keep walking, and we keep texting about how it was sick, too sick for words.

Copyright 2008 James B. Chevallier
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