Everybody in the building's been nice. They keep saying how glad they are to see me back at the front desk. And I'm doing rounds again. But only inside. I'm not ready for outside.

One day, I tried it. Walking around the building. When I got near that spot, my heart started beating. I kept flashing on the blur, whizzing past my eyes. And waiting for that thump...

I had to rush back inside.

She could have killed me. She landed that close. But I didn't even think of that at the time. Not with the rest of it.

Inside, though, I'm good. Mostly.

Yesterday my boss caught that look on my face, and he came right over. "You've always been my best guard," he said. "Steady. Steady, and quick with a smile. If anyone can get past this, you can." I tried to hold on to his words, to how he was trying to help me. But I kept seeing that girl on the sidewalk, with her eye hanging off her face...

It's just, it's gonna take a while, you know?

Copyright 2008 James B. Chevallier
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