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	You're always trying to save people.  I used to love that about youwhen 
we were kids.  The hero.  The helper.  Who wouldn't want a brother like that?
	Except that right now it's starting to seriously irritate me...  What's so 
great about your life, huh?  One divorce.  About 200 jobs.
	Sure I'm a mess.  But I know I'm a mess.  I revel in it.  I bask in it.  It's 
my continental breakfast.  It's my gourmet lunch.
	You, Mr. Superior, you're like a house built on stilts.  With nothing but 
mud to hold it up.  One good flood, honey, and you're gone.
	So don't lecture me on getting my act together, or lying here in the pit.  
I like my pit.  It's never let me down.
	But that high-grade education of yours, and all the titles on your 
business card, they're setting you up for a high far fall.  You've got a word for 
each of us, a nice solid piece of advice.  But all that does is let you turn your 
head, turn it away from your own decay.
	And the termites are working, honey, they're working hard.
	So thanks for the lecture and thanks for sure for the love.  There never 
was that much to go around.  But you're the one I'm worried about.  You're the 
one with the distance to fall.

COPYRIGHT 1997, Jim Chevallier


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