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	I'm bored.
	I've been sitting here firing people all day. On paper that is.  None of 
them have been told. I don't do that part.  That's what Wilbur's for. Maybe later 
I'll fire Wilbur. But not until he's told them. Oh no.
	It's hard work, this.  Someone's got to run the company. Preferably not 
me.  Not day to day, anyway.  Wilbur does a good part of it.  But he'll need a 
few people to help.  Unless I fire him. Then I'll have to pick one of them.  One 
of the leftovers.  Which means I'll have to learn something aboutthem.
	Now that will really be boring.
	This was fun at first.  It's an art, you know.  The ones with the highest 
salaries have to go.  But you don't want to end up with incompetents either.  
Which means you dump some of the cheap ones too.  Because if they never 
went anywhere, they're probably no good.
	What you really want is the worker bees.  The one who bust their rear 
ends hoping to get up another notch.  But of course the really good workers only 
get so far.  The ones who get way up there are too busy playing politics and 
sticking their snouts up Wilbur's seat. Or up mine, if I make it available.  Which 
I only do at choice moments.  Can't let them get too used to top quality.
	It's not that they're downright incompetent. Just that their energy's spent 
elsewhere, usually for so long that they've lost their touch for the nuts and bolts.
	Which means I don't need most of them. But one or two I do.  And 
maybe Wilbur. Wilbur knows my wants. That's not a talent to scoff at.  On the 
other hand, it gives him more power than he should really have.
	So I'll have to think about Wilbur.  I'll have to really think about 
	But all the other names?  The ones on the list?  I'm really really sick of 
looking at them.  I'll be damn glad when they're gone.
	Then maybe, and with Wilbur to think about, well then maybe I won't 
be so bored.


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