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	He is so HOT.  I don't care if they do say he's a... you know.  
They just say that 'cause he's so pretty.  Like, just because guys like 
you, you have to like them.  I don't think so.
	You know who he likes?  Really?  Promise you won't tell anyone? 
'Cause people can get queer about this stuff.  Super strange.  OK.  
You're not going to believe this.
	He..likes... ME.  Really! Totally! I'm his dream girl.  Ok, so 
he's never met me.  No problem.  What it is, is, he's got this ideal 
woman.  I know. I read it in Teen Confidential. He wants a girl who's 
got a really good heart, and a head on her shoulders, and can stand on 
her own two feet. I can do that, right?  And another thing.  She can't 
like him just because he's a star. She has to like him for him SELF.  
Well, I do.  I totally do.  It's like he was in... you know.. the last 
one.  When he's poor you know and the other one, you know the fat one, 
she's got all this money?  Well, you see that doesn't matter, the fact 
that he's poor.  I mean, I don't care.  Because I love him for his soul.  
For who he really is.  Not like her.  I mean, she just loves him because 
he's in the movie, so she has to.
	So it doesn't matter that he hasn't met me, because he already 
knows who I am.  In his mind.  It's just like, I have to meet him you 
know.  That's the problem.  It's not like I'm not doing my part.  I keep 
writing him all these letters.  
But he's not getting them.  I know, because he hasn't called.  I sent my 
picture, and my e-mail, and my cell phone number.  But nothing so far. 
Zilch.  It's really unfair, you know?  That they're not giving him my 
letters.  Because I'm a nobody, you know, to them, and he's like a 
prince.  He's poor, but at the same time, he's a prince.  And they don't 
want him to be with a nobody.  Even is she's the right one.  So that's 
why.  That's why they're not giving him my letters.
	And it's just not fair.  It's just, like, really, really unfair.

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