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	They're scared of us.  Let me tell you.  That's a fact.  We walk in
and you can feel it.  They sit a little straighter.  Watch our every move.  
Oh, we matter.  You can bet on that.  We count.
	We walk around, checking the lids, the cans, the freezer. Whatever.
I don't care if you go into an emergency room, you're going to find 
something.  It can be disgusting sometimes.  You want to throw your shoes 
away, after.  You have no idea.
	It's just, it's a lot of travel.  Thirty percent, minimum.  And you 
don't get much warning.  Two weeks, if you're lucky. It changes all the 
time, too.  That's the worst part. You never really feel like you're home.
	Plus, you don't make any friends.  Because you're always there to 
find something wrong.  It's not like anyone wants to hoist a few when you 
get off.
	So, that's it.  I'll be down here again in a month or two.  Before 
that, I'll be up in Napa.  Why don't you drive up?  Maybe a weekend?
	Something to think about.  That's all.
	What about yourself? That job fall through?  Hey, you'll find 
something.  You're lucky.  I envy you.  I do. You're young. You've got 
plans. And pretty of course.  There's that.
	But come on.  I know things are tight. I know how that is.  Look, 
let me help you. Just a loan. Seriously.  Don't worry about it. We all need
each other, right?  People, I mean.  Without other people, what are you, 
	Really. Tell me how much you need.

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