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 OK, so here's my problem.  My name is Nick, I'm a girl and I am 14.  
And I like guys who really don't even know I exist.  
	People often say "Nick, you scare me," and I say thank you, 'cause 
people that are different make the world interesting. But guys don't 
always get it.  They don't.
	I did sort of go out with this boy that I really liked, but we 
broke up the first month because all his friends were teasing and 
annoying.  Plus, the day after our first date, I got my period. It was 
really weird. So I got these major butterflies in my stomach when I saw 
him.  I must have acted really queer.
	The whole time I wanted to kiss him. French kiss.  Even though 
I've never kissed anyone. Peck or French. But I figured once you start, 
it doesn't matter which you do. Anyway, my friend says it's really easy 
to French. All you do is have your mouth open when you kiss and if the 
other person's mouth is open too, just slide in the tongue.  
	On top of which he had braces. So I'm like, should I kiss him 
anyway, even though he has braces?
	So now it's too late.  I should have just gone for it I guess. But 
now he's going out with some hoochie. You see them together, and they're 
like Frenching, all the time.  So I feel like a complete moron.  Which I 
	I haven't even been out on a date since that except once on a 
sympathy date with one of my friends' brothers.  But he was really a big 
loser, so I didn't have any fun. And no way was I letting him kiss me. 
Peck or French.
	Well that's my problem.  But the way I figure, it's got to happen, 
doesn't it?  I can't be single and kissless for my whole life.
	Can I?

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