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	I knew how to do it.  I watched my dad.  Anyway, it’s not really 
hard.  The only problem is my legs are still too short.  So I had to hang 
down, sort of, to get to the pedals.  But I knew I could do it.  I’m good 
at stuff.
	Once the car got going I was really careful.  When Dad pulls out, he
always looks, in the mirror and he turns his head too, and he always signals.
But then all at once, without thinking anymore, he just pulls right out, 
just shoots right out into the road.
	My dad’s cool.  I learn a lot from him.
	It did seem like it’s faster, though, when you’re doing it yourself.
I was a little scared, sometimes, like when I got to where two streets 
crossed, and I wanted to turn, only another car was still coming.  That
was scary, kind of.  And then you know everybody started looking at me, not
all at once, some must have just thought I was short, but then they’d see I
was a kid, and they’d look really surprised.  Maybe that’s why some of the 
other cars ran into each other, that was really scary when that happened, 
and then when I got to that hill, too, and the brakes were really hard to 
push, and I had to stand up, sort of, and the car was going really fast, 
especially when those kids just stood there.  That was really stupid, wasn’t
it?  That it took them so long to jump out of the way?
	So that’s why I had to turn, because of those kids.  Which is how 
come I ended up hitting that house.  Because those kids were too stupid and
didn’t move.
	Still, I did pretty good for my first time.  Didn’t I?

COPYRIGHT 1997, Jim Chevallier
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