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	My friend got killed.  That's why I have to be dressed up.  Momma 
can't get off from work, so I have to go alone.  That's OK.  I know how to 
get there.  I looked it up.
	They said I could have my friend's ring.  It's not like it's worth 
something.  It's got Bart Simpson's face on it, is all.  We used to watch 
the Simpsons together.  I thought it was stupid, sometimes, but he liked 
Homer, he said Homer was just like his dad. And it did make me laugh.  
'Least, when I watched it with him.  I didn't really like it so much by 
	We were both careful where we went.  You never know when something's
going to start.  So we'd stay away from the corner and places like that. And
we didn't get out so much.  But you can't be inside all the time, you know? 
There's school, and getting stuff for my mother.  And just being a kid.  
Nothing's much fun if you can't see your friends.
	Momma said maybe I shouldn't go.  There's trouble on the buses, too.
But I said, no, I have to be there.  It could happen to you too, she said, 
just being out there.  I know that, Momma, I told her.  I know that all the
	My stop's coming up soon.  Would you like to see it?  Would you like
to see my friend's ring?

COPYRIGHT 1997, Jim Chevallier
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