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	I found the Lord! - Praise the Lord! - He turned me from my sins! -
Praise Him! - Killing, robbing.  Worse... - Praise His Name! - And I was 
healed - Yes! - And when my parole board saw, they saw that I was changed! -
Praise Jesus! - they saw the Light of his Grace shining on me - Shining 
BRIGHT, Lord! - they released me.  Praise God in his Heaven, they put me 
back out on the street.
	And in the street, I did NOT return to my former ways.  I walked in 
His path and I spoke of His Word and I worked where He willed I work - 
hauling garbage, cleansing the sick, preparing the dead - I carried the 
cross He put on my shoulder and I bent beneath the weight of its Joy.
	And when I saw a child - a little child! - I tried to embrace Him, 
to hold Him to me - to hold His Holiness! - I tried to bind his Innocence to
me. I cried for His Grace, but He would not come. He ran from my heart's 
cry, from the sanctified craving of my blood, and so I held Him - Yes! - and
I squeezed Him - Yes! - and I would not release Him - no! - in my hunger and
my aching, I held Him and I hushed Him, and I prayed that He would hear me, 
still as He was, I prayed until they came.


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