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	Maybe after I save the world, I'll get a job.  If I have to.  If you save the world, 
do they give you a prize? Like a scholarship, you know? Something that comes with some 
steady money attached?
	Or is that while you're doing it?  It's not like you can work while you're saving 
humanity.  No way.  Because you're going to be busy, dig? Majorly occupied.  Out there 
working your contacts. Spreading the word.  Trying to get the public's ear.: "Hey, people! 
LISTEN UP!!!.. We got a little problem here. And I'm the one who's going to take care 
of it.  No need to panic, OK?  It's all going to be fine.  But what it is, you have to trust 
me?  Are you with me on that? OK? ALRIGHT!!!."  And they'll all cheer and stuff.  
Because it's cool.  Saving the world is totally cool. It's not like, you just got an A in social 
studies. Or scored a field goal. Though that's pretty good, it is.  But dig it.  This is 
SAVING THE WORLD.  That's major.  That's awesome.
	Now I guess I could ask my parents to support me, right?  How could they say 
no?  This is a big deal. But... I don't know.  They've done a lot for me, know what I 
mean?  Maybe I shouldn't ask them.  Maybe... Maybe I can take up a COLLECTION.  
Hey.  That'd be cool, right? Get all those people who are going to owe me later, who are 
going to owe me big time, get them all to put in a dollar.  Or maybe five.  Five's not too 
much, is it?  If you're talking thousands, I mean.  Thousands of people chipping in. And 
it would add up. Enough for pizza, anyway. And a six-pack or two. And the lunches.  
When you're saving the world, you must get a lot of lunches.  With speeches and stuff. 
And parties.  A few of those too.  Because everybody wants to meet you.  They want to 
see what you look like.  They want to shake your hand.
	So I'm not too worried.  Not about that part, the saving the world part. I'll be 
fine.  It'll be a breeze.
	But later, after, like, Evil's defeated and Harmony reigns. Well, there's no way 
around it.  I'm going to have to get a job.
	Geez.  I'm really not looking forward to that, you know?


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