We took their pants down. Whap!

No cute little shorts or designer jeans. Whap! That's for when you're a sister. Whap! When you're in. Whap! Whap! Whap! When you're one of us.

After the initiation.

Becka, she's the pretty one. Whap! I wanted her. Whap! She's the one who cared the least if she got in. Why should she? She'd be popular anyway. Whap! It's only because her mother was in, and her older sister. Whap! That's why she went along. That's why she let us do this. “C'mon,”, I said – Whap! - “It's just a spanking, you big baby!” 'Cause she wanted to cry, I could see that, each time the paddle landed. Whap! Whap! Whap! She wanted to let it out. But she didn't, not even when the welts came up, not even when there was blood. Whap! Whap! So, you want to be a sister? Whap! “You think you're good enough?” Whap! “You want to be one of us!” Whap!

There was blood on the paddle now. I know I should have stopped, but I was waiting for her to ask. Whap! I was waiting for her to beg! Whap! I wanted her to know she wasn't better. Whap! To never forget that I was in charge, that no matter how many guys looked at her – Whap! - I'd always be the one, the one she let do this to her.

But she didn't cry out and she didn't give in; she didn't tell me that I was better than her. Instead... she fainted. Just straight up fainted, slumping against the wall. Even then I kept hitting her, watchng the blood spread, until finally one of the others stopped me, and we all decided we'd better get out of there.

But I don't know why everyone's so angry. It's not like she won't recover. And anyway, she asked for it, didn't she? That's what she agreed to, that's what she signed on for, when she said she wanted to be a sister.

Copyright 2011 James B. Chevallier

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