The Rally

Hey, man, Did you hear? There's a rally tonight for Timothy. Over on the Common.

Here's the scoop. Timothy and the other guys in Stone House, they're all really cool. Timothy, he's this super talented musician. And his roommate's a poet. A slam poet. Check him out; he's on line, This one guy, though, Ernie, well, Ernie's the odd man out. Real uptight, stick to the rules, kind of guy. And he wasn't down with some of what was going on. The music late at night. And other stuff.

I mean, they're artists. They party, right?

So he complained, first to them, but of course they blew him off, and then to the Administration. Which is so not cool.

So Timothy decided he needed a nudge. You know, to make him want to change dorms. Nothing bad; it's not like he hurt him or anything. But, say, sometimes Ernie's stuff would disappear. Or one night he got in his bed and someone had taken a dump on the sheets. Funny, huh? Or maybe, late at night, someone would pound on his door and then when he'd get up, they'd be gone.

See what I mean? Jokes, that's all. But nobody got hurt. Not once.

Only Ernie, well wouldn't you know it, he went and reported all this, the big damn crybaby, and now the school's trying to kick Timothy out. Because they've worked out he's behind this stuff.

So all because Ernie's so uncool and on top of which, it was for his own good, he'd really be better off in another dorm, Timothy just thought he'd speed that along, well now they're coming down on Timothy. Which is totally unfair.

So try to make it, OK, to the rally? Because Timothy really needs our support.

Copyright 2011 James B. Chevallier

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