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N° 3 - October 29, 2005

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IMAGE COLLECTIONS: Imaging the French Revolution

This site - "Imaging the French Revolution" - not only offers (a handful of) images from the Revolution, but includes discussions about the whole presentation and effect of images:

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TEXT COLLECTIONS: escholarship

The University of California's escholarship site offers full modern scholarly works for free, many to the public. The ones I've listed below are only a small selection, mainly those from the Early Modern Era or including that period among others:

Keith P. Luria, Territories of Grace: Cultural Change in the Seventeenth-Century Diocese of Grenoble
Alice Stroup, Company of Scientists: Botany, Patronage, and Community at the Seventeenth-Century Parisian Royal Academy of Sciences
Jonathan Ribner, Broken Tablets: The Cult of the Law in French Art from David to Delacroix
Paul Metzner, Crescendo of the Virtuoso: Spectacle, Skill, and Self-Promotion in Paris during the Age of Revolution
Carla Hesse, Publishing and Cultural Politics in Revolutionary Paris, 1789-1810
Jonathan Dewald, Aristocratic Experience and the Origins of Modern Culture: France, 1570-1715

Susan J. Plann, A Silent Minority: Deaf Education in Spain, 1550-1835
Carmen Gaite, Love Customs in Eighteenth-Century Spain
Stephen Haliczer, Inquisition and Society in the Kingdom of Valencia, 1478-1834
Richard Herr, Rural Change and Royal Finances in Spain at the End of the Old Regime

Pauline Gregg, King Charles I
David Bywaters, Dryden in Revolutionary England
David Harris Sacks, The Widening Gate: Bristol and the Atlantic Economy, 1450-1700
Albion Meir Urdank, Religion and Society in a Cotswold Vale: Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, 1780-1865

Ellen Rosand, Opera in Seventeenth-Century Venice: The Creation of a Genre

Wayne te Brake, Shaping History: Ordinary People in European Politics, 1500-1700
Richard Biernacki, The Fabrication of Labor: Germany and Britain, 1640-1914

Derek Howse, editor, Background to Discovery: Pacific Exploration from Dampier to Cook
Derek Howse and Norman J. W. Thrower, editors, A Buccaneer's Atlas: Basil Ringrose's South Sea Waggoner

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LINGUET: Darline Gay Levy

I was surprised, in searching this list's archives, to see no mention of Darline Gay Levy, whom I first discovered as the author of The Ideas and Careers of Simon-Nicolas-Henri Linguet: A Study in Eighteenth Century French Politics. Simon Schama is only one of many people to praise this work: "Until fairly recently Linguet has been written off as, at best, an eccentric curiosity, too quirky to have had any serious influence on the direction of old-regime politics. A splendid biography by Darline Gay Levy has done the most to rescue him from this obscurity."

Well, up to a point.

For those who don't know this work, it is as much a study of political ideas as it is a biography. Primarily of Linguet's of course, but those were so paradoxical that they touched on others on all sides.

As it turns out she's also co-edited two other works that look interesting: Women in Revolutionary Paris, 1789-1795 and The French Revolution: Conflicting Interpretations, and given her own imprimatur to Cynthia A. Bouton's The Flour War: Gender, Class, and Community in Late Ancien Régime French Society:

A principal merit of this lucidly written, intelligently argued study is that it focuses our attention on community politics in pre-revolutionary France. Cynthia Bouton shows how, during a period of political and economic crisis, rioters formulated and satisfied their demands for food at fair prices. At the same time, they redefined community boundaries and allegiances and renegotiated community power relations, while reshaping individual and collective consciousness in the process.
Darline Gay Levy, New York University

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ON-LINE REFERENCE: The ARTFL Reference Collection

I almost flagged this as for readers of French, but there's some English - and Asian - reference here too.

Those of us unaffiliated with any institution may have mostly noticed ARTFL as the host of a tempting but out of reach (to non-subscribers) on-line version of the Encyclopedie. So I haven't dropped by for a bit... Turns out they've added a page with, among other things, a one-field search into multiple old French dictionaries (Nicot, etc.). And it's completely free:

There's also some bilingual dictionaries and more. The one wrinkle is that, unlike even French sites, they're finicky about accents and require input like "e/" for an accented e.

Sure handy otherwise though.

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PRINTED BOOKS: Books to review

A post this week got me thinking about all the books that are available out there for review, and it struck me there was a match to be made. I'm sure some list members would like to get their mitts on some of the books waiting for reviewers and I can't imagine numerous publications wouldn't be delighted to have the help of many of the informed, inquisitive souls who hang about these parts./p>

Dont, acte. I haven't so far found that many sites closely targeted on our era, but a number have works in that area and a number of others match interests of one or another of our members. And so I've listed a number of links below. Where special requirements apply, I've tried to note them, but apologies if I omitted any. Also, it's a given that some of the books may have been taken by now (it doesn't help that some sites are fuzzy about chronology.)

[PLEASE NOTE: This item was published in October 2005 - much of what follows may have changed since then.]

The Sixteenth Century Journal “ The Journal of Early Modern Studies

Canadian Journal of History requires Phd - Books on sexuality and gender; scattered Early Modern, long 18th works

Southern Studies A great deal on race and slavery, other Southern history

Theatre Survey The Journal of the American Society for Theatre Research Not sure this list is up to date, but if so it does include: Jordan, Robert. "The Convict Theatres of Early Australia, 1788-1840". Hatfield: University of Hertfordshire Press, 2003. £25 cloth, and, Maginnes, F. Arant. "Thomas Abthorpe Cooper, Father of the American Stage, 1775-1849". Jefferson: McFarland, 2004. $45 paper.

Literature and Theology

COUDERT, Alison P. and SHOULSON, Jeffrey S. (2004) "Hebraica Veritas? Christian Hebraist and the Study of Judaism in Early Modern Europe", University of Pennsylvania Press: Philadelphia. Is one offering

Feminist Teacher _

For the Journal of Homosexuality _ (

Foucault Studies

Auslegung All kinds of philosophical works

Slavic and East European Journal Requires membership, so truly for specialists. But probably a treasure trove for them.

Missouri Folklore Society Journal Only two just now

On Point One list member here would be the answer to these people's prayers.

De Re Militari Medieval Warfare Book Reviews

Canadian Ethnic Studies includes "The People Who Own Themselves: Aboriginal Ethnogenesis in a Canadian Family, 1660-1900"

American Journal of Physical Anthropology Advanced degree required

SEN: Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism Refers to ˜scholars", but in the larger sense?

The Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour You have to be a member of this society to review these (present century) books, but some of it looks so fascinating I can imagine someone joining just to get involved with all this.

Minds and Machines looks similar:

Discourse “We are not presently accepting book reviews, but if you are interested in one of the works here, we'll be happy to suggest an alternate publishing venue.

VOICES is a biannually published forum for exploring issues of written and oral artistic production in Africa and the Diaspora in relation to the continent.

The Association of Jewish Libraries

National ACademic ADvising Association Membership required – academic issues

Illinois Institute of Technology Lots of books about modern communication issues


The Journal of the Historical Mystery Appreciation Society historical mysteries

Foundations of Political Theory, an organized section of the American Political Science Association

DFP Clinical psychology? A lot on prisons

Electronic Green Journal Again, modern. But I'm sure we have a treehugger or two amongst us.

Review of Biblical Literature Must be a member and search is a bit complicated.

Scope: an online journal of film studies A rich variety of volumes

Inner Self Spiritual books

Northeast Book Reviews Looks like reviews is what they do, and they don’t post their current list.
But to see what they’ve reviewed in the past:

"The Book Notice and Review operation is in transition. Due to this, there is no current Book Notice list, and book notice requests are not being processed at this time. We hope to be back up and running sometime in October"

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End quote

Mrs. Montagu: ... everybody would wish to be like Dr. Burney. Pray, when you see him, give my best respects to him; I am afraid he thinks me a thief with his Linguet; but I assure you I am a very honest woman.
Fanny Burney, Dr. Johnson & Fanny Burney: Being the Johnsonian Passages from the Works of Mme. D'Arblay.

I thought for a moment this week I had found a connection between Simon-Henri Linguet, one of my subjects of study, and the Burneys et al, but it seems that the French word "linguet", which also refers to various mechanical components:

had a slang meaning as well (clearly some form of burglar's tool).

FROM CHEZ JIM BOOKS Three works on eighteenth century subjects:

For some sample 18th century vegetarian recipes, click here.

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