The Line

You just want to give up. No lie. You hit that wall and you just know, that's it, you can't do it, enough is enough. Your legs are lead, your lungs are burning, you'd just love to stop and take a drink. You'd just love to stop, period.
All that keeps you going then is will. Wanting it. Eyes on the prize. You stop being human. You're just pure intent. The goal. Going forward. Closing the gap. All you want to do is get there. Erase the distance. Make it disappear.
One step, next step, straight forward, don't stop. Stay steady, look ahead. Don't stop. Crush the inches underfoot. Stamp them down. Steady. Forward. Don't stop.
Until you touch the line. And you cross it. You made it.
You've gone the distance and you've crossed the line.

Copyright 2018 James B. Chevallier

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