That was the worst part, having to sit there and write it all out. Knowing he'd read it. Knowing there was no backing down. I felt sick, physically sick, just doing that. And then waiting. Waiting while they got his side, waiting for them to talk; then, once they set a date, waiting for the hearing.
Waiting to confront him.
All this time I was working with him. I'm sure they told him not to say a word. But he wasn't happy, I could see that. So of course I was on edge.
They talked to some others too. Others who had worked with him, So there was that.
In the end, he didn't exactly deny everything. He just tried to make it sound like a joke. Like I'd made too big a deal of it. Only, it turned out, he'd done this before. There'd already been complaints.
They didn't tell me I'd won, exactly. That's not how companies work. But a month later he transferred. And then, out of nowhere, they gave me a raise.
Not much. Just enough so I couldn't sue. But enough that I knew it had been worth it. Worth filing a complaint.

Copyright 2018 James B. Chevallier

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