I just didn't like how the app worked. That's all. So I decided to make it better.
I knew I could do it. I mean, I'm good at these things. Coding's in my bones.
Why I changed it like I did, I don't know. Bored, I guess. The first one seemed too simple. So I tweaked it. Gave it some flavor. Made it something I'd want. That I'd buy. If I weren't so busy building my own.
My uncle was the one who said I should sell it. It had never crossed my mind. But that's what he's into: sales. That's what cranks his gears.
So the next thing I know I've got a product and he's marketing it and the money's rolling in, and people like you want me to talk on TV.
Which is wild, you know? Because all I ever wanted to do was to make something better. But instead, it turns out, I made something new.

Copyright 2018 James B. Chevallier

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